Who is Monique Mukuna?

Monique Mukuna Mutombo (born 11 February 1974) is a Congolese politician. She is the first woman to declare her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election.

Votre contribution est la bienvenue ici, Merci

My Agenda

I started my professional life as a cashier that my father was a senior at the General Quarries and Mines, Gecamines, the largest mining company status. Still, I preferred to take my life in hand to pay for my studies in Economics at the Graduate Institute of Congo, IUC. From the bottom of the scale, however, I have occupied positions of responsibility in European multinationals in Africa. Experience which I would like to benefit my country.
Dear friends, let me now go back to the reason why we are gathered here: DRC may be one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural wealth potential, but at the same time one poorer countries. We are, unfortunately, witnesses and forced to live this paradox. As an economist, I know with experience that could change. But to do this, this great ship that is the DRC needs a captain of impeccable integrity and energy foolproof.
I take this opportunity to call on your support to accompany me on this trip that the ultimate goal is to give a future to the DRC and thereby to the whole of Africa. My vision is to create prosperity through good governance. Regardless of tribal issues, religious, gender and political opinion, I ask you to join me in a broad coalition to make our country what we want, ie:

  • An indivisible and peaceful country
  • Where the crime of rape is punishable by life imprisonment,
  • A country with modern infrastructure,
  • Where the judicial system is depoliticized, independent and better equipped.
  • A country whose education is accessible to all and free primary education.
  • Where human rights are respected and the Congolese in the center of our concerns
  • A country with assured food security
  • Where we will take advantage of attention on agriculture and tourism as also recipe sources state
  • A country where the Congolese diaspora whatever and wherever it is will have a right of return,
  • A country where the future of young people is thought to entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups
  • And where solutions of Public Health will be among our priorities
  • A country where our cultural heritage will be preserved and our music will be source of income for our artists
  • A country where the future of the Congolese and Congolese will be guaranteed by the creation of a Sovereign Fund of the State
  • We will establish a framework for international relations, on regional, African and global in a political framework, economic and diplomatic appeased.

With such a vision of the country, I am sure the quality of life of the Congolese population will improve.
I thank the Lumumbiste Party, MNC-L, for their support and confidence in me and all those who hitherto anonymous, encourage and support me on all levels both in the DRC that outside.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being here on this great day and I hope to see you at my investiture as President of the Democratic Republic of Congo,
May God bless you
May God bless the DRC.

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My Agenda

  • Food Security
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Industrialization

My Mission

  • An indivisible and peaceful country
  • A country with modern infrastructure
  • A country with assured food security